Timely Long Short

We offer an aggregation of related, public information regard a long and a short stock case each week and highlight information that is key to the investment thesis of these two stocks. The information is free of charge during that week. 

​We can help you​

  • Find new stock ideas.
  • Quickly grasp the story on the Street about a stock.
  • Know where your view differ from the Street.
  • Identify areas to focus on for follow-up research.
  • Cover your blind spots and identify red flags for due diligence.

What we OFFER

who we are

We are a group of passionate stock investors from the "Main Street". We do buy, sell or short the stocks we cover, as disclosed in reports.

We are not investment advisers. We are not paid by the companies of the stocks we write about. 


What we believe

A long and a short EVERY week.

No advice, just facts.


Preprint read 1 day in advance

We believe that

  • Markets are not always efficient.
  • Markets adjust to information slowly.
  • Solid fundamental research adds value. 
  • The "mosaic" theory holds that valuable insights can be found by carefully compiling public information.
  • Thoughtful, objective aggregation of public information is a transformative use and is not investment advice.